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APISAT2020 Postponement FAQs (update)

2020-07-07 13:34
The APISAT2020 postponement FAQs

1. When will new details about APISAT2021 be released?

-> It will be posted on APISAT2020 website in March, 2021.

2. When should I submit my abstract for APISAT2021?

-> You can submit your abstract by July 10th, 2020. It will be kept valid for APISAT2021. Otherwise you can submit your abstract from March, 2021 on APISAT2021 website.

3. What about my Sign-up information and submitted abstracts?

-> It will be rollover automatically for APISAT2021. You can use your current ID/PW on APISAT2021 website.

4. I got an abstract acceptance letter. Should i submit my full-paper in this year? How can i modify my abstract?

-> Those who received the acceptance letter(abstracts for APISAT2020) should submit the full paper with modified or revised abstracts in 2021 following a new timeline for APISAT2021.